Environmental Policy | Audi Planung

Environmental policy of Audi Planung GmbH

The Audi brand group offers products and mobility services worldwide. In this role, it has committed itself to becoming a leading provider of sustainable mobility and a role model for environmental protection.

The Audi brand group is facing up to the challenges of climate change and embracing them on its own behalf. It is committed to the United Nations' two-degree target. It is aware of its special responsibility for the environment with all the associated effects on the environment and society that go hand in hand with its actions and with its products. It uses its globally networked innovative strength to reduce its ecological footprint. It addresses the associated challenges over the entire life cycle of its mobility offerings. At the same time, its innovations support its customers in reducing their ecological footprint and make a significant contribution to maintaining their competitiveness and safeguarding jobs.

We at Audi Planung GmbH commit ourselves to the following core statements in order to give concrete form to the overarching "Environmental Mission Statement" of the Volkswagen Group:

1. leadership behavior
Our managers at all organizational levels are aware of the environmental risks arising from their business activities. They reinforce by word and deed their commitment as well as their attitude to acting in accordance with the law and the company and to accepting their function as role models for environmental protection. They are responsible for ensuring that the requirements described in this Environmental Policy are implemented and complied with in their area of responsibility. Our managers ensure that all employees are informed, qualified and accountable for the tasks assigned to them. They create an appropriate framework in their area of responsibility in which employees and business partners can communicate sensitive environmental issues in particular openly and without fear of negative consequences.
The management of Audi Planung GmbH considers the subject of the environment on an equal footing with other criteria relevant to the company when making corporate decisions.
Priorities in decision-making are aligned accordingly with regard to the currently valid "Declaration of Principles for Sustainability".

2. compliance
We comply with statutory and legal requirements as well as voluntary commitments and act in accordance with our corporate standards and objectives. Our environmental compliance management systems ensure that environmental aspects and obligations are identified and appropriately addressed in our business activities. Environmental misconduct and deliberate disregard or deception are treated as breaches of the rules in accordance with our organizational guidelines. The compliance of our actions with the specifications of this Environmental Policy and other environment-related specifications of the Audi brand group are evaluated annually and reported to the shareholders.
3. protection of our environment
We follow a life-cycle approach to mitigate environmental risks and seize opportunities to protect our environment. We reduce environmental impacts throughout the life cycle of our processes and services while considering economically sustainable feasibility.

4. collaboration with stakeholders
Engaging our employees, customers and suppliers, legislators and regulators, and other stakeholders is important to us. We want to improve our understanding of their environmental expectations and requirements.
Their input is incorporated into our environmental compliance management systems, carefully evaluated and reflected in our processes and services. We provide comprehensible and reliable information in our reports and in communications with stakeholders.

5. continuous improvement
Our effort is to continuously improve the environmental impact of our services and processes. This environmental policy is binding for all employees, locations, services and processes of Audi Planung GmbH.