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We are APG

We at Audi Planung GmbH – or “APG” for short – are planning experts and drivers of digitalisation who know exactly what our customers need. We are designing the automotive industry of the future: integrated, intelligent, digital and electrified. Our work focuses on a wide range of planning services across the entire automotive production chain. We also drive the digitalisation of automotive production with our products and digital services for new mobility, factory structure planning, and technology and information management. We are a 100% subsidiary of AUDI AG and provide products and services for all brands in the VW Group. The combination of corporate affiliation and entrepreneurial autonomy is what makes us great. It allows us to be as flexible as a start-up while offering the security of a major corporation.

Our ambitions

Our ambition

We want to inspire our customers and motivate our employees. This is why we devote so much attention to the quality of our work results as well as our internal processes. Together, we can turn the mobility of the future into reality.

Our goals

Our goals

If you want to succeed, you need goals against which to measure your progress. And goals are only meaningful when they are based on a well-defined strategy. Not content to focus merely on economic performance, we place an attractive service portfolio, people, corporate culture and operational excellence at the centre of everything we do.

Our commitment

Our commitment

We want to be a partner you can trust. Trust is built on integrity, transparency and effectiveness. This is why we are committed to aligning our business processes, structures and actions with these principles.

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Our values

Our employees are crucial to the success of the company. Which is why we constantly strive to make our working environment even more attractive, with working conditions that support a healthy work-life balance. We promote team spirit, dialogue and social interaction. We operate with flat hierarchies and cultivate a culture of open dialogue.

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    Compliance and integrity

    We want our employees, customers and business partners to be able to trust us. This is why we are committed to complying not only with statutory regulations, but with the guidelines, principles and standards we have set ourselves to guide our business activities.

    How we practise compliance and integrity
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    Diversity and inclusion

    We value our employees’ different mindsets and skills as well as their cultural identities and competences and believe that this diversity helps us to move forward faster. This is why we encourage a culture in which diversity is part of everyday life.

    How we practise diversity and inclusion
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    Long-term thinking and action shape the way we work, for an environment worth living in – today and for future generations. Sustainability and careful use of resources are important components in our decision-making framework.

    How we shape our environmental policy
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    Certified by TÜV

    We always strive to deliver the best quality to our customers and support our employees in their work by establishing transparent processes and clear responsibilities. Our quality management system is ISO 9001 certified, which guarantees that that we continually optimise our processes and improve our company performance.

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    Outstandingly innovative

    In 2020, we were named one of the one hundred most innovative companies in Germany in the TOP 100 innovation competition. We won the jury over with our EUREF battery storage project – conducted together with AUDI AG – which offers a way to utilise used batteries a second time. This provided an impressive demonstration of our know-how in future fields of the automotive industry.

Our locations

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    Ingolstadt/Gaimersheim is our headquarters, which is characterized by its proximity to the Audi main plant. From here, we cover the entire service portfolio. In addition, the management and large parts of the administration are located here alongside the most diverse planning teams.

    Neuhartshöfe 3
    85080 Gaimersheim

    Tel.: +49 (0)841-89-993437

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    Of course, we are also represented in Neckarsulm, the location of the second German Audi main plant. Various planning teams are located in Neckarsulm. Our main focus here is on assembly planning, automation technology, vehicle commissioning planning and logistics planning.

    Standort Neckarsulm
    Untere Neckarstraße 11
    74172 Neckarsulm

    Tel.: +49 (0)7132-31 87890

  • 883x496_DSC00203.jpg

    Augsburg is our southernmost location. Our focus here is on car body construction, but also includes other areas such as digital factory structure planning, materials handling technology and logistics.

    Standort Augsburg
    Am Mittleren Moos 53
    86167 Augsburg

    Tel.: +49(0) 821 45016590

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    In Fulda, our experts develop new mobility concepts. They plan and project not only body construction plants and component manufacturing (body spare parts, exhaust systems, transmissions and e-drives), but also battery supply and electrical energy systems (charging infrastructure, PV systems, first- and second-life battery storage). In addition, the headquarters of our financial management is located here.

    Standort Fulda
    Werner-von-Siemens-Straße 12-14
    36041 Fulda

    Tel.: +49 (0) 661-90156403

The people behind APG

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    Achim Hauss

    Head of technology department | Branch manager Ingolstadt

  • 883x496_1014_03.jpg
    Markus Herrlich

    Head of Body Construction and Supply Management

  • GKW.jpg
    Gabi Köder-Weiß

    Head of Digital Services

  • 883x496_1371_03.jpg
    Valentin Faust

    Head of Finance, Purchase & IT

  • 883x496_1472_02.jpg
    Hendrik Michael

    Head of Human Resources & Corporate Communications

  • 883x496_1877_04.jpg
    Sonsoles Pérez Laporta

    Diversity & Inclusion Officer

  • 883x496_1927_02.jpg
    Sarah Schiefelbein-Younsi

    ECMS Officer

  • 883x496_2022_04.jpg
    Jan-Oliver Brassel

    Managing Director

  • 883x496_2377_02.jpg
    Michael Bauer

    Head of Logistics and Technology Development

  • 883x496_2507_02.jpg
    Karin Schmidt

    Compliance Officer